PUBG APK 0.13 New Update For Android, PC & iOS

PUBG APK 0.13 update has available on 12th June Wednesday already a changelog published on Twitter. The Tencent Games have initiated the changes for providing a much better experience to the users.

It should be noted that the PUBG server was recently down on 11th June because of which the game made available offline. Eventually, on 12th June, it regained the reasonable workability with a real bang.

What’s New with PUBG APK 0.13?

PUBG APK 0.13 New Update
PUBG APK 0.13 New Update

After the recent Pubg APK 0.13 update, the developers have published a complete changelog over the Twitter that comes with necessary details about the game. The latest add-ons are about a better experience on the mobile version, unknown playground, and several other features.

  • PUBG APK 0.13 was released in 2018 by the company, and since then it became seamlessly famous. After garnering much success and attention, PUBG now has a massive user base and revenue.
  • The gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4, and PC have also contributed a lot in popularising the Battle Royale and Epic games.
  • The latest 0.13 update can be expected to get released in India as well.
  • You can enjoy a better quality graphic and HDR mode along with submachine guns.
  • Better colors and contrast ratios are going to attract all your attention. The update has affected players globally by creating a whole lot of excitement.
  • By the end of the month, you can expect the update to go live. However, for that, you need to have a smartphone that has a graphics setting activated.
  • Moreover, a standard smartphone model might not give you that next level experience. You need to have a high-end smartphone to enjoy the latest PUBG update.


Pubg APK 0.13
Download Pubg APK
  • The mobile application gives much more flexibility to the gameplay.
  • You can permanently tie up yourself with the game instructions and stay connected with the Battleground eternally.
  • The better outfits and appearance of the Battleground is yet another fun part about the multiplayer game.
  • Became Famous fortnite, PUBG has always supported IOS and Android operating systems. Over the social media, the game got viral on social media and received a huge fan base in a short duration.
  • The Battleground and the overall gameplay talk about Royal Shooter in which the player has to struggle for survival.
  • It is essential to collect the supplies and throw the opponent by initiating the correct move.
  • The latest updates are basically about adding more fun and unknown twists.
  • In other words, the game is going to turn more critical and enjoyable with better quality features and graphics.
  • With the release of the latest Mobile update, players can soon expect the PUBG cheat codes to be available on different websites.

Final words

The weapons, armor, and Last Man Standing in the battle is what the fantastic game talks. The pretty much-featured gameplay needs one to follow a map to initiate the next move.

You can log in through Facebook or create an account to play the game and earn rewards. The mobile application of PUBG is somewhat different than the PC version. However, both of them provide impeccable experience and deserve user attention for sure.


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