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Pubg APK For iOS: It has been tagged as the No.1 top grossing Gaming app and is the editor’s choice in the Google Play store.

The Pubg Apk for iOS designed for iOS Operating system, which allows us to play the game on our iOS mobile phones for free of cost. These are one of those games which let you experience console gaming on your iOS, and thus you don’t need to buy any Play station or Xbox for that.

What is Pubg APK For iOS?

Pubg APK For iOS
Pubg APK Download

PUBG apk Download is a gaming app which lets you play among 100 other players online over a predetermined virtual place. Here you can play as a solo, duet or in a group of four. Since this is a battleground game, hence you don’t have a specific set of missions, and your only goal is to watch your partners back and kill the other players.

The game goes on until the last player standing in case of single or any of your team member standing in case of a group brawl while other players or opponents are dead. You get to choose from various guns and ammo and also you will get health kits to heal yourself from the damage done by your opponents.

Also, the place where you start your game gets its area diminished over some time. So, if you are not inside the blue zone, then your life keeps on reducing, and ultimately you die in the game.

File Info

App Name Pubg
File Type APK
Version 0.13.0MB
Size 1.9GB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on July 2019

Pubg APK For iOS Features

  • The game is highly exciting and has the following features:
  • Free on Mobile – Play the game on your Android Smartphone with high definition quality graphics and the real battleground experience.
  • The most important thing is that it is free of cost to play. However, they may charge a few bucks for skins and mods accordingly.
  • Sensational Battle Maps: The battle maps designed according to the area size, weather, and location.
  • Now you can experience different weather, or places accordingly during the gameplay.
  • Variety of modes: You can play solo, duet, or in a group of four. Along with that, you can perform quick matches or take some training sessions.
  • The Zombie version was added a few months back, which is very difficult sometimes.
  • There are numerous daily events and challenges which you can complete to get exciting rewards.
  • Variety of equipment: During the gameplay, you will have a variety of weapons which include guns, bombs and even frying pans.

How To Download & install For iOS ?

PUBG Download

  • Click above button to Download Pubg APK for iOS
  • First, a 38 Mb file will download, once it gets completed, the bigger file starts downloading.
  • Once the downloading part gets completed, it will install automatically. After opening the game on your iOS device.
  • it might download a few additional resources to run the game on your device correctly.
  • Signup with your email or Login to experience the gameplay.

However, there is also a PUBG Mobile Lite version is available for all users. The download MB is less and for the low storage device, Lite version will be more useful.


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