PUBG APK v0.13.0 Download For Android

PUBG APK v0.13.0: To keep the digital players agitated, PUBG has come up with a recent update that is going to enhance the fun level manifold. The mobile game after receiving 0.13.0 update yesterday updated a changelog over Twitter.

The latest mobile version is about specific unknown Battlegrounds that have been created by the game studio and released globally. For all Gamers who are loving the game ever since its release, they are going to give it a lot more attention now. With more user base, the game is also increasing the overall income rate.

PUBG APK v0.13.0

PUBG APK v0.13.0
PUBG APK v0.13.0

The original Xbox, PC, and PS4 popularised the Battle Royale genre and fortnite. A similar thing is happening to the PUBG with the latest update that has been made official on Twitter on 12th June.

While keeping everything in mind, the game developers have released the latest update in India as well. Developers had even put the game offline to get over with the existing issues.

Recently, the maintenance is over, and the latest release comes with redesigning the old session and millions of other features. You can get to enjoy new submachines and fighting weapons along with plenty of other things.

The latest update Just bumped with 0.13.5 update that is not still available for the US players. However, they can expect it on the Play Store by the end of July. Season 8 of PUBG  APK v0.13.0 is undoubtedly an attention grabber.

It comes with more challenges and notable redesigning. The user interface has made even better. The rating of the game is bound to you receive a change. Season 8 of PUBG has quite a lot of themed based events that you will entirely prefer.

Let’s talk more about PUBG update-

  • The game has 9 mm ammunition and the fifth submachine gun. Also, it drops in Vikendi and Erangle.
  • If you have been playing the game on a high-end device, the highest frame rate option is going to give you a better graphic quality.
  • However, it would help if you kept in mind that it is going to drain your battery after you configure the settings – graphic.
  • There is a weapon muscle attachment and scope up for a holographic sight. With more than 6 x scope, the muscle accessories available are you going to give you a jaw-dropping experience.
  • The latest game comes with high iOS background download so that the fundamental operations remain unhindered.
  • PMC themed events available by the end of July will help you to complete the mission so that one can enjoy the latest PMCO song by Alan Walker. Also, you are going to enjoy the main menu carrying the PMCO theme.
  • The entire Season 8 comes with gold and diamond tier with exclusive weapons.
  • The ranking system talks about sorting algorithms that are meant to create a more impact on the eighth season.
  • Ocean themed outfit can be achieved with Season 8 Royal pass.
  • All the bugs, issues and errors have been fixed, You can play the game without any hassle now.

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