PUBG Maps – Complete Guidance to Play Game Safely

PUBG Maps make the gameplay all the more enjoyable by guiding you towards the correct battlefield and area. If you are looking forward to PUBG Vikendi map, check out the first snow map that has some unusual features and plays styles.

The midsize territory is somewhat complicated in the absence of a proper guideline. However, once you have PUBG maps to help the user, the strategic elements can be managed in a better way.

Vikendi start location along with the strategy that has been picked up exclusively to gear up the vehicles that you use. This page is all about the guideline that you choose in the PUBG maps dedicated to giving you complete guidance towards the location. Take a look into the Maps how you can play using guidance.

PUBG Maps, Details and Footprint Explained


The latest snow map is a mixed formula of regular Miramar and orange with a slightly larger size than the normal one. The pocket-size app doesn’t have any roleplay now after the release of this particular map that guides you towards the correct destination.

  • Make sure that you have a complete look towards the route before reaching the goal to that possibility of errors and mistakes eliminated. PUBG map, new details, footprint, and parachuting.
  • PUBG APK 6x six map size of good sketch and is known to carry a detailed design.
  • It is more of a tactical nature and particular then the normal one.
  • The main Vikendi specific feature has been meant to take a note of the footprint that appeared insignificant.
  • However, following the print can let you have a better approach, thereby creating a substantial difference.
  • The map has the almost 10-minute direction to keep the player involved.
  • There is also a video that can help you to identify what is more critical during the vikendi match.
  • That 10-minute timer on footprint has a different significance altogether.
  • All the changes regarding the vikendi vehicle and regular ones have included in the map itself.
  • It is quite fun to take a note about that introduction that instead makes the gameplay exciting and straightforward.
  • However, it is quite challenging to handle the game in the absence of these maps that guides the players who out the competition.
  • The latest form of parachuting is also present in the Vikendi map.
  • You can choose the flyover route that will give you a better power upon the opponent.
  • The latest PUBG update is live, and you can take note of Miramar map, sanhok map, Erangel map.
  • Other tips and tricks that will let you manage the battle without damaging the resources.
  • The best loot locations are the best identifiable stories map.
  • The specific vehicles and weapons, along with the conditions and individual circumstances, can be identified using these maps.

PUBG Vikendi start maps strategies

Pubg Vikendi Maps Guidance
Pubg Vikendi Maps Guidance

After having a look at the imbalanced launch, short height unique blend of sanhok and angle that require the users to follow certain tactical elements like night time weather and footprints to win the match. Make sure that you pay close attention to the Vikendi start location and strategies-

Vikendi best locations

Pubg start module
Pubg start module

Cosmodrome – it is a fun area that is slightly away from the central tower and idea for looting. Make sure that you stick to the building so that managing everything well becomes easy.

  • Secret loot cave – identified in the dark spot on the map Podvosto and Tereshkova.
  • The PUBG short guide the player towards the vehicle where they can throw the grenade and create a secret tunnel to the cave that has a humongous opportunity to loot.
  • You can use this to generate exclusive items that high-density and high-quality loot.
  • Villanova- again this is an area where you get a chance to steal in the best possible way.
  • It is a typical large town that has buildings and a comfortable place to explore.
  • Castle – the best part of loot is in the castle. However, it is dangerously protected and never lets one escape safely. Also, it has a confusing pathway.
  • Therefore, enter it at your own risk.
    Winery – this is the personal favorite of all the gamers has a considerable opportunity to loot.
  • It located somewhere near the island where you can relax and enjoy some red wine.

What About The PUBG Snow Map Methods?

PUBG Snow Map Methods

If you are agitated to have a proper wardrobe setting, make sure that you take careful note about PUBG maps. Choose the light-colored clothes in the day and if it is the night time, go for specific dark stained garments.

  • The best mapping strategy let you camouflage into the environment. Choose DMR and a sniper combined with ar to throw the opponents.
  • Make sure that you carefully choose your drugs and look out for vehicles that create a definite.
  • Factors play a significant role in your ultimate rule. Stay careful and do not leave any footprints because it will become easy for the opponent to track and defeat you.
  • There are quite a lot of details associated with PUBG map that is regularly updated.
  • You can check them out for more information and a better analysis of the playground and the battle area.
  • Having a detailed plan at your disposal reduces the overall effort required to identify the ideal looting area.
  • The unknown Battlegrounds in the latest updates are somewhat challenging to manage in the absence of PUBG Vikendi.
  • The detailed map gives a clear cut view about the location. Also, you get a clue about random Air Drops, equipment, and weapons that play a significant role during the gameplay.
  • You can create a team of up to 100 players and start playing the fantastic game that is all about struggle and survival.
  • The enjoyable graphics Are The pioneers of the beautiful game.
  • With the introduction of maps, managing the Battleground, and gaining supplies have become more convenient and exciting.
  • Keep a constant note, and for sure you’ll have the best experience in looting areas.
  • I am sure you will win the game with the help of maps guidance.

Know the new update and latest version PUBG APK v.013.0.


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