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PUBG APK: If ever there has been a game that has captivated maximum players in a short period, it is none other than PUBG. The latest season updates and features have made a large part of digital gamers go crazy. There is no end to the fun you get while you play the Battle Royale game that has everything interesting about it.


Pubg APK
Pubg Mobile APK

PUBG APK has been a hot topic on the entire social media ever since 2017. Currently, it is into launching better and compressed versions like PUBG 13.0, PUBG lite, PUBG for Xbox and PUBG for PS4.

It seems as if Tencent doesn’t want the digital gamers to play anything else apart from PUBG. They are providing better graphics and smoother gaming experience by launching versions that don’t require higher specification devices.

You will get to experience brighter screen and HDR range of details that will add so much of superiority in the gameplay. The graphic settings are all about delivering more detailing so that you do not miss anything at all.


  • Adding up of rating protection card.

If you had been finding it challenging to play PUBG up till now, it has simplified excitingly. The rating protection card is meant to help the players in a way they can manage rating deductions better.

Even during the higher grounds, it becomes easy for the new digital players to maintain their ratings. As long as the rating protection card is active, you can reach out to different levels of the game very quickly.

  • Position maintaining

Suppose you have achieved a bronze, silver or Gold position in one season and you have to leave it while moving to another season. Naturally, there is a lot of pain in the heart.

Now, the latest addon will let you maintain the old position in the new season as well. The transfer rules are quite helpful for the players who have embedded a lot of effort to achieve good tiers.

  • New submachines

The latest Submachines in the newer versions of PUBG APK are merely jaw-dropping. It becomes easy to upload the opponent with the stabilizer shooting capabilities of the armory.

There are unique features that you will Discover after carefully analyzing the gameplay.

  • Deathmatch

This particular round in the Battle Royale game is quite tricky and filled with uncertainty. However, it provides a lot of experience to the players because there are many details related to it.

  • Fundamental details about PUBG

Particularly a Shooter game, PUBG is the best Battle Royale genre that has exotic battlefield and additional pressure to win. You can use a wide variety of vehicles, methods, and hacks to upthrow the opponent. As a player, you carry a limited amount of gear that makes it challenging to manage the Battleground.

  • There is a map to manage.

PUBG has a detailed map which consistently gets shorter in size as the time slot in decreases. The area in which you land is shown in detail by the selected route. Also, you can use the audio sound to avoid wasting any time in reading out the feature. Chatting with your team players to manage the Battleground is also the fun element of PUBG.

  • The plotting of the game

The story of PUBG is all about landing on the main Island range. The military has to control the Russian Island by resisting the attack and fighting with the opponent. You have to use biological and chemical experiments to protect the area.

The bullet drop, sudden attack, and enemy popup are few things that can kill the solo player in no time. Make sure that you have more team members so that you can together formulate Strategies and kill the enemies.

You have to revive the downed teammates and also survive the gun attack. There is a lot about the game that you come to discover only after playing it a couple of times. The first gameplay might appear slightly tricky, but eventually, when you acquire the necessary details, managing things become easy.

The most important part about the game is landing on the island safely and then selecting the correct weapon. The team that can acquire the best of arms is the final winner.

Common issues you see while playing PUBG APK game

  • As of now, if you tried playing the game on a low-end device, it resulted in malfunctioning in the middle of Nowhere.
  • Therefore, the Tencent games have reduced the graphic quality somewhat to separate the overall size of PUBG.
  • The current PUBG lite comes with 500 MB file size and acquire the 590 MB space on your device.
  • Also, the maps that earlier used to be quite large now reduced in size and features have added.
  • There can be a maximum of 60 players playing together instead of 100 like before.
  • PUBG is all set to create a new story with the launch of new features that include exotic weapons, parachute launch, and armature model.
  • The loot rewards have also increased, and there are methods to manage the sudden Batman attack so that you can play longer and better.
  • Before joining the PUBG team, make sure that you have a good internet connection because that is very important for winning the battle.

How Much weaponry can you collect in PUBG Mobile?

Team up - Party now on Pubg apk
Team up – Party now on Pubg apk
  • You can collect as much as you can manage. For instance, you can hold around three backpack, sleeve vest, and two primary weapons along with one grenade, one pistol, and one melee.
  • There are customization options available that let you choose your favorite costumes, weaponry, and skin color.
  • There are several cosmetic items such as short, masks, glasses, shoes, and pants.
  • You can also land from the plain whenever you want, thereby receiving a competitive edge on the enemy.

How to Download & Install Pubg Mobile on Android, PC iOS?

Download PUBG APK

  • To download Pubg Mobile APK on your Android devices, follow the below steps.
  • Click above download button from our website.
  • The low MB data +OBB data will download on your mobile without any hassle, and it directly stores on your file manager.
  • Now go to the file manager and click install the APK file.
  • While installation, you will get to enable unknow resources to install the app on your device.
  • Once you have enabled, Pubg Mobile apk successfully installs and follow the on-screen instructions to play the game on your device.

The winner gets the chicken dinner!!

  • The winner showed with the message called chicken dinner that has derived from the early Battle Royale games.

PUBG update

  • The original PUBG release on 21st December 2017 and the last update took place on 24th January 2019.


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