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PUBG PS4: PUBG popularised in 2017 as the amazing Battle Royale game that affected the whole community of digital Gamers. People playing games on PC and Xbox became the biggest fans of PUBG that literally brought life to the old and tiresome battle games. The game became a big name because of high-quality graphics, creative plotting, and interesting features.

The current version of PUBG supports PlayStation 4 with graphical alterations. Earlier, the game included hundred people on the island with a trajectory framework and complicated plotting. The latest version has all the lacking removed with better performance find high-quality inputs.



There are never going to be any kind of Technical error while you play the game that is improved almost every month. In the current PUBG PS4 version, there is a little compromise done in the overall graphic quality.

It seems that with all the updates and adds on, the producers of the game have forgotten to give a finishing touch to this particular version. The multiplayer Royale game is much-resembling fortnite.

it has that realistic look and feels that makes it capture a large fan base in a short duration. There are loot building and you need to fight with Enemies as you continue to who wins the battle. The last person standing is the winner and eligible for the chicken dinner.

Recently, there are several other Battle Royale games that resemble PUBG. Therefore the user base is now shifting towards games like PUBG APK. Developers are making efforts by hook and crook to Port the game in the maximum possible digital gadgets.

PS4 is one of the latest alterations in the game. Some of the people reportedly complained that the game is not managed very well in the PlayStation 4. it is quite disappointing for a large user base to receive such an inferior amendment.

The latest textures and shading have also gone weak in the PUBG PlayStation 4 version. It seems as if the game belongs to somewhat early 2000. it quite a lot has graphics like Minecraft. And that is not the only flaw it has. Even the instructions of the game have not been properly embedded.

Advantages of playing the game in PS4

  • The inadequate explanation makes it difficult to understand the intricacies. You have to complete the early few matches on your own by hit and trial method.
  • Furthermore, the DualShock controls are also difficult to identify.
  • However, we would like to say that even if the game is not looking very good in the PlayStation 4 version, it still has quite an interesting plot.
  • The lobby of the game is quite well represented and you can easily navigate through it.
  • Also, there is an easy connection between the matches that would rather make your experience more enjoyable.
  • The last week we could notice certain frame rate drops particularly when running the camera.
  • All the matches generally have a slow speed in comparison to the games like PUBG.
  • The loading speed of the game is slow in PUBG PS4 version, it is quite irritating to manage the opponents.
  • Either you get killed or get trapped in the middle of the game. Also, the loot availability is made somewhat Complex.
  • You need to struggle a lot because there are instructions lacking. there are different types of guns, accessories and clothing that need to be properly understood in order to customise the game better.
  • Somehow, customisation has always been the Prime is the strength of PUBG.
  • When we talk about the PS4 version, this one also has got options that you can add and remove according to your sweet will.

Playing the PUBG PS4 game is quite addictive particularly when?

Pubg ps4 download
Pubg ps4 download
  • There are friends and community to accompany. The comprehensive multiplayer system in the game can make you play the same thing for hours and hours.
  • It is rightly said that PUBG is always worth your time investment and leisure.
  • Therefore, even if you do not find the PS4 version so impressive, at least you can try it fun with your friends.
  • Pubg is getting cross-play for PS4
  • Try for giving the graphics as they are not that appealing.
  • However, rest everything about the latest released has something or the other about it.
  • Soon after the success of PUBG Xbox, PC and mobile release, it is now creating a sensation by launching the PS4 version.
  • The battle of death becomes all the more scavenging when you have no clue how to manage everything.
  • There are parachutes that will take you towards the island and vehicles that you need to understand on your own to drive.
  • The gigantic map is shrinking to make you agitated towards success. Currently, you can compare PUBG PS4 to resemble fortnite, Call of Duty and battlefield.
  • The download size of 33.51GB is somewhat difficult if you have an Xbox.
  • Moving onto the PUBG PS4, it does not occupy much space and has come up with performance improvements.


Frankly speaking, there are different kinds of details in the ps4 version. However, they take a considerable amount of time to appear on the screen. For example, when we talk about the map, it takes a substantial part of your time to reveal the details.

It makes landing on different Island more cumbersome and you need to remain agitated to press random PUBG. Sometimes, you need to consult minimap as well. In fact, we would suggest that it is far better than the normal one. Also, having constant communication with your friends is important to win the gameplay.

Team coordination results in victory. The team collecting the weapon first after landing on the island is the one which of the maximum possibility of winning.  PUBG is fundamentally about teamwork.

Ensure that you have a full battery level and powerful internet connection before you start with the royale Battle game. All the best, hope you enjoy the latest PUBG PS4 version with all the enthusiasm and Glory.

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